Exercising at Home – Unusual Ideas For Cardio

For the past three years, I have been working mainly at home. For some time, I also went to the gym, but in the end I made a commitment to stop paying for a gym membership I did not need and started to work out at home.

Options for cardio exercise at the business gym.

When I was still going to the gym, I had a wide range of choices when it comes to performing cardio exercises. Grinders, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and rowing machines were available at any time. I used to use the rowing machine Concept 2 for most of my cardiovascular exercises, but I like to be able to mix to avoid boredom.

A typical heart session in a commercial gym.

A typical heart session for me when I was trying to lose weight could look something like this:

Warm-up: 5 minutes of easy rowing.
Periods: Paddle periods are 20 minutes (usually 500m, 750m or 1000m)
Recovery: 5 minutes of easy kayaking
Fixed status: 10 minutes (circle)
Fixed status: 10 minutes (exercise bike or oval trainer)

This usually takes me about an hour, including switching between machines. I rarely did anything long enough to get too bored and turned between the oval bike and the exercise bike every time I tried to make sure I did not lose the finish.

Difficult to repeat in the home gym

I quickly realized that decoding four good quality machines would make me lose a few months’ wages and that trying to reproduce this type of cardiovascular exercise in a home gym required a very large purse.

It may be a simple medium to buy one device and carry boredom. However, I do not have much confidence in my ability to avoid boredom, so I looked up some unusual thoughts for cardiovascular exercise that I can do at home with a computer or a minimum account.

Unusual thoughts for heart disease

Below is a list of unusual thoughts about cardio exercise that you might not have considered:

Bar Complexes: If you have a bar for strength exercises, you can also use it for cardiovascular exercises. Be careful to use the exercises you know only to reduce the risk of infection. My favorite compound is the combination of the following: Roman Gothic Stoning, Big Cloud, Front Squat, Pressure Compression and Good Morning for every 8 reps.

Body weight circuitry: You can perform flexor cycles, compression operations, lift knee lifts, inverted rows, Turkish pressure exercises, leg exercises and out-of-box extensions, lifts, pistols and one slot for heart forces.

Powerful Medals: You can use a sandbag to lift, carry, carry and pull.

You can drive a car or load weights for distance like walking to farmers.

Indoor Biking: You can invest in Turbo Trainer, a small and economical team that turns your regular bike temporarily into an exercise bike.
Carrying a backpack with weight: You can load a small bag with weight and take it for a quick walk around the block. I use 15 kilos (30 lbs) of weights from my bar set wrapped in a pad and tucked into a small bag (10 liters).

Up the stairs: If you have access to a long set of stairs, you can up and down quickly. If you need to increase the challenge, combine it with a backpack option weighted above!

Hammer Strike: You can hit a hammer on an old frame to buy time. I started to perform 10 strokes in one minute for 10 minutes, which gave me about 30 seconds of rest per minute, and accumulated 20 strokes in 1 minute for 10 minutes, which is very simple for 10 minutes.

Highlands: If you have a hill near your home, you can use it for mountain races. I am lucky enough to have a hill to the golf course near where I live, so it’s very quiet (except in the morning on the weekend!). I run about 100 yards and then come back gently to the beginning before I repeat several times. This option really is not for the faint of heart, but!

Many options

I hope this short article has helped to show you how many options you have for heart disease or aerobic exercise at home.
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