Does He Want a Relationship? Three Illuminating Signs That Expose His Real Intentions

Very well, does he want a relationship or perhaps not? Do you’ve difficulty telling the big difference between a guy who is seeking something long term and one who only wants a fling? Are you currently dating a guy today and are concerned about getting your heart broken since you don’t figure out what you mean to him? If you would love to save your poor heart from being broken by a guy that just wants a casual relationship while you are looking for something serious then continue reading. You will eventually have the ability to tell if he does want a relationship or even just a one night stand.

Sex, and nothing at all but sex.

If your gentleman only calls you up at night as well as rarely sees you in the daylight hours, then you could be fulfilling a requirement for him that is purely physical. However, if he takes you out on dates, introduces you to the friends of his, and calls you to find out how you are doing, there’s an even better chance that he does, indeed, want a relationship, without having it just a buddy with benefits.

Are you one of his priorities?

Among the most illuminating signs that will inform you in case he’s truly interested in you is by looking at how many times he calls you. If he’s constantly checking to see exactly how you’re doing by bombarding you with texts, tweets, emails, and phone calls on a consistent basis then you’re in. You’re a priority to him and he cares about your well-being. Why? Because he likes you. Nevertheless, if you have to initiate almost all of the contact then he probably won’t be that serious about you. When the only time he calls you is when he is returning the phone call of yours, it’s harsh, but you are probably not on the mind of his all of the time.
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Who’s dating who?

You ought to also take the dating game into consideration. Do you plan the majority of the dates or perhaps does he? Are you the one constantly scheduling something to do and / or is he coming up with ideas on an equal basis? This’s crucial because in case you are performing all of the planning, he might just be going along with you to be good. However, if he is the one asking you out then he absolutely wants to spend time with you and that is a certain sign that he does, truly, want a relationship with you.

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