Helpful Tips to Stop Unwanted Phone Calls

What is harassing a phone call?
When someone calls and uses obscene or threatening language, or even even heavy breathing or silence to intimidate you, you’re on the receiving end a harassing phone call. It’s against the law in most US States and Countries to make obscene or perhaps threatening calls. (California Penal Code section 422 422.1 for example)

Whom can I contact about receiving harassing calls?
Local phone companies may have policies on whether to call your phone company or the police first. Some people recommend that you first call the telephone company and explain the scenario. A representative may have the ability to connect you with the “annoyance officer.” Other phone companies might require you to file a formal complaint with law enforcement first.

Can the phone company solve harassing phone calls?
If the caller uses a discard mobile phone, a telephone booth or multiple phone lines, the telephone company and/or law enforcement officials may not have the ability to find enough information to take further action. In cases such as this, changing your phone number might help or even you will want to get a new unlisted number. Moreover, the ideas mentioned below for discouraging unwanted calls may be of use.

What can I do to stop harassing calls without involving the police or even the telephone company?
First, don’t engage in conversation, just hang up. Prank callers are usually seeking attention or even “a good laugh”. If you say something to express shock or anger, you merely “made their day” and the call was beneficial for them.

What precautions can I take to stop phone harassment?
Don’t disclose any personal info when called by anyone you do not know. They are checking out the residence for possible robbery or crime (aka “Casing”). If the caller asks what number they called, do not give it. Instead, ask them to tell you what number they dialed. In the same way, if they ask “who am I speaking to”, certainly do not offer them your name or perhaps in some other details.

Don’t include the telephone number of yours on the outgoing voice mail message. By omitting the phone number of yours from your message you prevent random dialers or people with Call Return from capturing this information and reusing it later.

Youngsters must be taught to never reveal information to callers. They need to be taught to record the caller’s name and phone number along with time and date. Keep it simple.

Following these simple tips are able to make it possible to reduce or perhaps eliminate many harassing phone calls before they get our of control.
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Last, next time you receive an unwanted call be sure to report the phone number so the caller info is made public. When the caller finds that their cover is blown the calls may cease or slow down.

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