Hire an Event Planner and Hair and Makeup Artist For Better Photos

That’s right. You want pictures which are amazing on the wedding day of yours, hire an awesome photographer. You want better and more amazing images on your wedding day, hire a fantastic photographer, event planner and hair and makeup artist! Surprisingly, these other 2 experts are almost as vital to your pictures as the photographer you choose (as much as I hate to admit it).

As photographers, we are able to only do so much. We certainly wish we could do it all for you, but the truth of the matter is that we are limited to taking shots which are amazing with creative angles, showing the best side of yours and capturing all of the excitement and joy that you and your fiance share on your wedding day. We can’t eliminate the stress that goes along with worrying about all of the small details, and we obviously can’t create an impressive hairstyle or do your makeup. But we can tell you from experience that in case you’re feeling stressed out as you’re worrying about all of the seemingly insignificant details, your makeup is melting away and/or your hair is frizzing, that is what you’re most likely to see in the photographs of yours. And unfortunately, those seem to become the items that catch your attention in the pictures after-the-fact. That’s why I recommend these other two experts that CAN eliminate those distractions. Need a few reasons?

• An experienced hair and makeup artist is trained not just to make sure you look your best, but understands classic looks versus the trends, and may help you balance the 2. The effect is a timeless elegance so years from now you don’t look back again at your photographs and think “what was I thinking – I are like got married in 2010!”

• Professional makeup artists are experts at applying product to show up in photos without making you look overly done. You won’t get the cake like feeling and you’ll look remarkable (in person and in the images) of yours. Many do-it-yourself brides do not wear enough makeup and look washed out once that white dress goes on.

• Hair artists are going to work together with you to style your mane in a way that’s lasting and comfortable. You are able to make your mind up whether you would like to have your photos taken before or even after your ceremony without worrying if your hairstyle will hold up until later.

• Event planners are conditioned to work with your photographer to keep you on a timeline that allows ample time to hit multiple locations as well as get in all the important folks and shots that you want.
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• Despite the best laid plans, things inevitably come up. Experienced event planners have seen it all and can “fix-it-all.”Pollen stain on the dress of yours from your flowers? No problem – your event planner is able to help you clean it up, eliminating both the stain and the worry lines on the forehead of yours. Stress is obvious and shows up in pictures but if you’ve absolutely nothing to fret about, you will simply be enjoying yourself and which will show through.

• Keeping and locating tabs on all of the important people you want in time is taken by photos, and event planners can also be wonderful at corralling wayward family, guests and friends to ensure they’re ready to go when needed. Ponder over it – you’re spending a huge number of dollars on your wedding (and possibly spending a chunk of the spending budget on your photos). Since the photographs are the single thing you’ll have after the day is over, think about the additional money spent on an event planner and hair as well as makeup artists as an investment in your photography.

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