Personalized Sticky Notes – The best way to Create Awareness of The Brand of yours and Build Customer Loyalty

Personalized Sticky Notes are a fantastic marketing tool for anyone building a brand or even wishing to create customer loyalty. This is applicable to both non-profit and for-profit organizations. This article discusses how this tool can be used for these ends.

Otherwise known by the generic terms “Post-it Notes”, sticky notes, sticky pads, adhesive pads, as well as others, they all have this in common: they give your brand constant exposure to the target market of yours, while giving a useful tool for the busy prospect. People make notes, as well as stick these sheets of paper on most anything.

When used thoughtfully (notice that I didn’t say “properly”), an easy pad of sticky notes with your organization’s logo, contact information and tag line will give you twenty five to hundred opportunities to remind your prospect of the benefit that you provide. There aren’t any “proper” ways to use sticky notes, as what’ll work for one organization probably won’t do the job at all for another. You must evaluate the effectiveness of personalized sticky note pads by the same criteria as some other marketing techniques… return on investment (ROI). Note pads are considered by many marketing experts as the most cost effective marketing tools available.

On the list of great things about this particular type of promotional product is that the prospect of yours will use it, until finally consumed. A wise marketer will guarantee that his prospects are re supplied with additional pads periodically. Experience shows that promotional products that have a practical utility are always appreciated, as well as provide some sales person with a non-threatening reason to drop by. When doing so, you must always take the opportunity to inquire about your prospect’s business and precisely how you may help him/her. Personalized sticky notes given to receptionists, and other gatekeepers, are appreciated and gives you lots of opportunities to speak with the decision maker. They build brand awareness and commitment to the person providing these helpful tools.

What exactly are some of the standard, and unusual, ways that personalized sticky notes are daily used to create customer awareness and to establish a brand? Some standard, quite obvious, ways are: on sales cold calls; trade show giveaways and inclusion in new customer “welcome” bags. Some unusual uses of these promotional sheets are as coupons stuck on pizza boxes, delivery attempt notices left on the doors of residences and marketing offers attached to automobile or perhaps residence windows. Remember that surfaces that the stickies are used to need to be smooth and clean. The only thing limiting you here is the imagination of yours, so let the creative juices flow.
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In the event that you want to be remembered, promotional products have the best return on investment of any major form of advertising, and personalized sticky notes are maybe probably the most versatile. Research has shown that promotional products outlast most any form of advertising, which includes classified ads, radio commercials and TV spots.

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