The recognition of Quotes and Sayings

People from all over the world enjoy reading quotes. You will find multitude of other online resources and sites with quotes and sayings. I don’t remember reading a book that didn’t contain at least one quote from popular author. In most presentations and public speeches, speakers use quotes to nail the point down. They are everywhere. Precisely why are quotes so popular?

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1. Quotes are short but mind provoking. You don’t need to read a full book to get to the point. You don’t have to read a lot for your brain to be stimulated as well as challenged. A short sentence can sometimes trigger an entire range of processes like thinking, reflecting and observing. These’re then catalysts for changes in life.

2. Quotes teach. Quotes aren’t just words. They carry much more than simply meaning – they have human experiences. Sometimes, there’s really much life experience said in a short phrase that you can almost feel (see, touch, hear, smell…) what the author has put through to reach that “aha” point and express it in a statement. As Miguel de Servantes wrote: ” Proverbs are a short person sentences drawn from long experiences.” As they allow us to reflect upon encounters of other folks, quotes and sayings can serve as a powerful learning tool.

3. Quotes motivate. Through my personal experience with quotes, I’ve experienced the motivational power of theirs. Sometimes, the right quote, a single quote, is powerful enough to motivate you to turn everything around. They have the power to replace destructive and negative feelings with positive ones.

This’s why I love quotes. No doubt there are some other reasons for their popularity too. People just love quotes for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, quotes are powerful and effective tools to improve life just for the better. Tested and recommended.

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